06:58am CDT, 10/24/14
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Today's OKTOBER-BREAST boobs of the day will take you back a few years. We know that you had a crush on Topanga at one point or another so, why not celebrate Danialle Fishel with the ultimate honor. 

I have definitely had times in the past where my roommates have pissed me off but nothing measures up to what one woman did when her roommate upset her. The best part? Her mugshot! She looks VERY sorry....  
A product design engineer living in Charlotte, North Carolina, has figured out a way to easily and securely suspend bottles from the top of a fridge using magnets, freeing up empty space in your fridge for whatever else it is you consume.
It's no secret that stupid criminals are one of my favorite topics but today, we have a hilarious criminal. The act this man committed is hardly criminal, it's just down right funny.  A man that was home on leave from the Air Force was out a
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