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Being a guy who has gotten married, proposing to a chick is the craziest thing ever. I literally did it in the apartment we were living in. It was terrible and I still get made fun of for it. However, nothing could possibly be worse than this!


Liam Neeson is an all around badass in pretty much everything he does. How many movies have you seen him just straight up destroy someone? Well, he has a new movie coming out where he is back at his badassery again! For his latest action role, in A Walk Among The Tombstones, he’s firmly on US shores, playing the grizzled man hired by a drug trafficker to find who kidnapped and
Ray Rice is a punk.  This short clip shows Rice throwing a punch at JJ Watt and Watt swiftly replying as only a real man could.

Star Wars: Episode VII director J.J. Abrams just dropped the mic in his long-running Twitter battle with Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder. In response to the latest salvo from Snyder, Abrams tweeted a 30-second video that has Star Wars fans practically salivating.

The video gives fans their first official look at Episode VII's Millennium
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