Click here to hear the latest Foo Fighters song, "The Line" from their new album, "Concrete and Gold" due out on September 15th!
Make sure to listen to Q105.1 Rocks all weekend long as we are taking you back to the 90's. We are going to be tossing in all your favorite 90's songs from grunge, metal and one hit wonders!
Earlier today at lunch, Marija told Gunner that she doesn't like listening to Lex and Terry because she hates the advice they give to their callers. Naturally, Gunner sent Lex a text telling him about it and asked Lex to call in and give Marija some crap for it. 
Microsoft has announced an upgrade to the XBOX ONE, The XBOX ONE X at the E3 Convention yesterday.
SHARKNADO really started off a trend. I remember seeing ZOMBEAVERS on Netflix a couple of years ago and thought, there's no way Hollywood can top this. Well, apprently they have, with TSUANMBEE! Check out the trailer now! 
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