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Nickelback is currently working on a new album and decided to feed the fans some noise while they're waiting. Check out their cover of Don Henley's "Dirty Laundry" here. What do you think?
If you were fortunate enough to see Metallica at the all new U.S. Bank Stadium on Saturday, you witnessed the first live performance of the band's new thrasher, "Hardwired". If not, check out high quality footage here!
It's a been a long time since A7X took the stage, so to get the blood flowing before Saturday's huge show with Metallica, the band performed a free show at First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis.
Metallica is back with "Hardwired" off of their upcoming album HARDWIRED...TO SELF-DESTRUCT, set to be released on November 18th. Crank it up and bang your head, METALLICA IS BACK!
Yep, and it's driven by guitarist Zoltan Bathory. Whether you like the band or not, who doesn't love watching a monster truck squash everything in site?  
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